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Holy. Bananas.

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The Trial Bunny
The Trial Bunny

The Trial Bunny

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The Trial Bunny

We make no promises, but a single one. Our famous banana bread. On Trial. We guarantee you'll be hooked. The generations-old recipe loaf that melts in your mouth.

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Easy as 1-2-3! 


Step one

Choose from our Exclusive Loaves for an incredible at home food delivery experience. Our Banana Bread, Chocolate Banana Banana Bread -- made with the freshest sourced cacao, and the freshest ingredients.


Step two

Head over to our Exclusive Products. We have our incredible Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Skor Cookies, The Mini Bunny (Nut-Free Banana Bread), and Lemon Blueberry Loaf to choose from!


Step three

Once your products are in your cart, simply use our easy checkout process! Our quick delivery service guarantees the box will be at your door!

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