The Trial Bunny


The Trial Bunny

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The Trial Bunny

We make no promises, but a single one. Our famous banana bread. On Trial. We guarantee you'll be hooked. The generations-old recipe loaf that melts in your mouth.

This trial package includes:

  • One Trial Banana Bread
*The Trial Bunny loaf is customizable.
**Available one per customer.

Customer Reviews

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Cafeteria boy

My highschool had very few food options; pizza, chips, garbage and mystery food. Banana bread was the shining knight that I could always depend on when I was hungry and wanted something delicious. One could say that it has become my 'comfort food' over the years and I have tried it from many many different places.
LoafBunny makes it the way it should be - light and without strong flavours so that the subtle taste of ripe banana wafts through.

Adam Smith
The best chocolate banana bread!!!

I am super impressed with the chocolate chip banana bread! It was a delicious, satisfying treat. Thankfully the shipping process was quick and easy. I will definitely be ordering more banana bread in the future!

Mohammed A.
Amazing loaf!!

This chocolate banana bread is absolutely incredible! Will be subscribing!

Joel Atkinson
Amazing banana loaf!

Absolutely amazing banana loaf! Checkout was a breeze. Shipping was quick. Highly recommended!