COVID-19 Protocols | LoafBunny

COVID-19 Update:

As restrictions and the situation throughout the Province of Alberta, and Canada is fluid, we continue to be vigilant and follow all laws and regulations as per Alberta Health Services. 

At LoafBunny, your heath is our top priority. We pride ourselves on being a family-centred business. Our team has grown to what it is today based on an unrelenting commitment to doing what is always best for our customers as well as our team members. The current pandemic is is unprecedented, but most importantly, it is important to follow facts and follow guidance from local officials such as the CDC & World Health Organization. It is extremely important to clean your hands using soap and using social-distancing measures to reduce the spread of the virus. The Province of Alberta has a Frequently Asked Questions page that is constantly being updated regarding the COVID-19 situation.

Stay home if you feel unwell and follow the directions of your local health authority.

What is LoafBunny doing differently?

In order to maintain a safe environment and reduce the spread of COVID-19, we are taking measures including:

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols - we have increased the frequency of cleaning services of our equipment beyond what is required and necessary to keep equipment sterile during preparation, packaging, and delivery.
  • Additional antibacterial products - We have increased the quantity of sanitizers and disinfectant wipes, along with soaps for our employees to use. We constantly enforce this point.

Delivery is contactless -- you will get a notification once your package is delivered. We err on the side of caution in order to ensure your safety as well as the most enjoyable experience.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can always email us and we will address all your concerns. 

Please continue visiting LoafBunny for the latest information regarding our policies and procedures. We hope you and your loved ones stay safe in these tough times.

With Love,


-Team LoafBunny